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Harry Potter

Animals and Creatures

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Animals and Creatures

Aragog -  A giant Spider Harry and Ron Met in the Forbidden Forest. The Spider was raised by Hagrid.

Basilisk -
Lived in the Chamber of Secrets. It is a snake. Kills anyone that looks them in the eye.

Blast ended Skrewts -
Propelled by Sparks come out of their end. Females suck blood. Males sting.

Boggart -
A shape shifter. Able to take shape of whatever we most fear, repelled by laughter. 


Bowtruckles - They are tree- guardians. Live in Wand trees.  They eat wood lice.

Buckbeak -
Is a Hippogriff that was Hagrid's pet: Escaped with Sirius Black.

Cornish Pixies -
Naughty little fairies. Create Havoc.

Crookshanks -
Hermione's Ginger colored Cat. Bought him at Magical Menagerie. Can tell which animals are an Animagus.

Dementor -
A Horrible hooded creature that guards the wizarding jail, Azkaban. When near them you relive the most horrible experiences you've had in your life. Most wizards go mad. Dementor's suck out your soul too. It's called Dementor's Kiss. They lower their hoods and Kiss you. Nobody knows what's under a Dementor's hood until they kiss you. You are still living by you just exist. Worst then Death. The victim is left with no sense of self, no memory; they become empty shells.

Errol -
Weasley's Family Owl.

Fang -
Hagrid's Dog.

Fawkes -
Dumbledore's phoenix. Rescues Harry from Riddle. When they die they burst into flame then are reborn from their ashes.

Firenze -
A centaur. Becomes the Divination Teacher.

Flobberworm -
A worm Harry and his class have to keep alive to pass their exam.

Fluffy -
Three headed dog that guarded the Sorcerers Stone.

Fridwulfa -
A giant who is Hagrid's mother. She was killed.


Gnomes - Very small creatures that live in holes in gardens. They have leathery skin and large bald heads. To de-gnome a garden, grab the gnome by the ankles and swing it around your head, and then throw.

Golgomath -
Takes over as Gurg (Chief of Giants) after he killed the other leader.

Grawp -
Hagrid's Half Brother. He is 16 feet tall.

Grindylow -
Waterdemon. Has sharp horns and long spindly fingers.

Hedwig -
Harry's Owl. Hagrid bought her for Harry on his 11th Birthday.

Hermes -
Percy's Owl he got.

Hinkypink -
One legged creature that lives in bogs and swamps.

Kappa -
Monkey like creatures that live in water. Strangle people who invade their territory.


Karkas - Gurg


Magorian -
Centaur from the Forbidden Forest.

Mountain Troll -
12 foot tall troll that Ron and Harry Save Hermione From. Which helps make them all friends.


Mr. Tibbles - Mrs. Figg's cat.

Mrs. Norris -
Cat owned by Filch.

Nagini -
Voldemort's Snake

Norbert -
Norwegian Ridgeback Hagrid One off a guy in Hogshead.

Pigwidgeon -
Ron's new owl. Nickname is Pig. Sirius gave him to Ron since it was his fault he didn't have a rat anymore.


Ronan - Centaur from the Forbidden Forest.


Scabbers - Was Ron's Rat. It was Percy's but then he gave him to Ron. Had been in the family for 12 years. In the 3rd book we learned that he was actually Peter Pettigrew.

Trevor -
Neville's Pet Toad. His Uncle gave it to him.

Unicorn - Mythical white horse-like creature with golden mane and a golden horn sprouting from its head. Innocent, beautiful creature. Tail hair and horn can be used in magic. Dark wizards have been known to kill unicorns and drink their blood, which will sustain the life of the drinker. A unicorn foal is pure gold. Unicorn Blood - Silver in color. Possesses magical and ominous qualities.

Vampire - Evil creature that roams the night feeding on the blood of living beings. Cannot go out in the daylight.


Werewolf - Half-man, half-wolf creature. A werewolf will kill given the chance. If not fatal, the werewolf's bite will turn the victim into a werewolf, too.