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Harry Potter

Spells and Curses

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Spells, Curses and Charms    A-M   N-Z

Accio - A summoning charm used by Mrs. Weasley to get Ton-Tongue Toffees away from George. Vol. 4, p.68.

Alohomora - Door unlocking spell.

Aparecium - Spell to make invisible ink visible.

Apparate - Moves a Person from One Spot to Another.

Avada Kedavra - The "worst curse," also known as the Killing Curse. There is no countercurse or blocking curse for it. This is the curse that Harry miraculously survived when his parents were killed. He is the only known person to have survived it.

Avifors - Turns Small Objects Into Birds.

Avis - Launches Birds From Your Wand

Banishing Charm - The opposite of a summoning charm.

Bubble-head Charms - Worn on the head; looks like an upside down goldfish bowl; insures the wearer of a supply of fresh, clean air. Cedric Diggery used it in the Triwizard Tournament for the Second task.

Colloportus - Used to seal a door. 

Confundus Charm - Used to "bamboozle" a powerful magical object.

Conjunctivitis Curse - Put on dragons to affect their eyes, their weakest part.

Corporeal Patronus - A fully fledged patronus; has a clearly defined form, not just vapor and smoke.

Counter Curse - Used to remand a curse.

Cruciatus Curse - Causes violent, wrenching pain in its victim; one of the three Unforgivable curses.

Crucio - What is said to bring on the Cruciatus curse.

Deletrius - Counters "Prior Incatato"

Densaugeo - Enlarges Teeth

Diffindo Curse - Causes things to split.

Disapparate - To disappear at will. Can't be done within the walls of Hogwarts.

Disillusionment Charm - Makes one a human chameleon; you take on the color and texture of what is behind you.

Dissendium - A spell that opens entrance to secret passage to Hogwarts.

Doxycide - Used to paralyze Doxies.

Elephant and Castle - A backfiring Jinx, the Magical Law Enforcement Squad sorted it out before Arthur got there.

Engorgement Charm - Were you get bigger by a spell. Eat a Ton-Tongue toffee and your tongue will swell up.

Engorgio Curse - Will make the victim swell up.

Ennervate - a spell to revive someone who's unconscious.

Evanesco - A charm to make things disappear.

Expecto Patronum - Creates a Patronus

Expelliarmus - Disarming charm.

Fernunculus - Produces Boils On Opponent

Ferula - Spell to conjure a sling for a broken limb.

Fidelius Charm - A complex spell involving the magical concealment of a secret inside a living soul. The secret is safe unless the secret keeper decides to reveal it.

Finite Incantatem - Stopping charm.

Flipendo - Knocks An Object Backwards

Four-Point Spell - Points wand due north to help one find their way.

Impediment Curse - A spell to slow down and obstruct attackers.

Imperius Curse - A powerful, illegal curse that can give the curser total control of their victim. One of the three Unforgettable Curses

Impurturbable Charm - Put on the Door by Mrs. Weasley so the Extendable Ears couldn't get through.

Incarcerous - Causes thick rope to wrap snake-like around the arms and legs of a victim.

Incendio - A spell to bring flames.  

Jelly Legs Jinx - Causes the legs to get all wobbly.

Legilimens - The charm for Legilimency. Enables one to get into another's mind.

Locomotor Mortis - Leg-locking curse. 

Locomotor Trunk - Causes a trunk to move by itself. 

Lumos - A charm to light the end of a wand (so it acts like a flashlight).

Mobilarbus - Spell to move objects.

Mobilicorpus - Spell to move someone who can't walk.

Morsemorde - Spell to conjure the Dark Mark.