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Harry Potter


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Big D - What Dudley's Friends calls him.


Diddydums - What Dudley's Mother calls him.


Dinky -  What Dudley's Mother calls him.


Dung - What people call Mundungus.


Goblin - Crusher - What Cornelius Fudge is called in the Quibbler.


He Who Must Not Be Named -  What wizards and witches refer to

Voldemort as. Also called You know who.


Hogwarts High Inquisitor - Dolores Umbridge.

Ickle Diddykins -
 What Dudley's Mother calls him.

Moony -
Lupin's nickname at school.

Padfoot -
Sirius' nickname at school.


Popkin - What Dudley's Mother calls him.

James nickname at school.


Snivellus - Nickname for Snape made by Sirius.


Snuffles - Nickname Sirius used by Harry and his Friends so no one knows who they are talking about.

Wormtail -
Peter Pettigrew's Nickname in School. Voldemort Refers to him as Wormtail.


You know who - What people refer to Voldemort as.