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Harry Potter



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Ministry Workers


Alice Longbottom - Was an Auror. Was tortured to insanity. Now is in St. Mungo's Hospital. She is Insane.


Amelia  Bones -  Head of Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Murdered by Voldemort. A Gifted Witch.

Arther Weasley-
Works in the Department of Misuse of Magical Artifacts.

Bartemius Crouch -
(Barty) Head of the Department of International Magical Cooperation. Owned Winky the house elf.

Bertha Jorkins -
Had a good memory but after Crouch put a huge memory charm on her she had a bad memory. killed by Voldemort.


Bob - Works on Level 4 in the Ministry of Magic.

Broderick Bode -
 He was an unspeakable in the Department of Mysteries. He died from a devils snare in St. Mungo's hospital. He was under the Imperious Curse.

Cornelius Oswald Fudge -
Minister of Magic. Came to see Harry at the leaky caldron after Harry he blew up his Aunt. He is always asking Dumbledore for answers. Turns everyone against Dumbledore and Harry in the 5th book. 

Cuthbert Mockridge -
Head of Goblin Liaison office.

Dawlish -
Auror. He Tried to overpower Dumbledore.


Dirk Cresswell - Head of the Goblin Liaison Office.

Dolores Jane Umbridge -
Has a toad like face. Works as Senior Under Secretary to Minister Fudge. New Defense Against Dark Arts.

Frank Longbottom -
Was tortured to insanity. Now is in St. Mungo's Hospital. He is insane.

Griselda Marchbanks -
Head of Wizarding Examination Authority. Friend of Neville's Grandmother.

Ludo Bagman -
Head of Department of Magical Games and Sports. He was a Famous Beater. Also Accused of passing information to Voldemort even though he didn't know he was at the time. One of the Judges of the Triwizard Tournament.

Madame Edgecombe -
Mother of Marietta. Works at the Department of Magical Transportation, Floo Network.


Majalda Rophirk - Improper Use of Magic Office.

Millicent Bagnold -
Former Minister of Magic.

Percy Ignatius Weasley-
Department of International Magical Cooperation. Crouch's assistant. Also known as Weatherby. 3rd oldest son in the family. Was in Gryffindor. Deserts the Family.

Perkins -
Ministry Worker. Works with Arther Weasley.


Professor Tofty - Was the person who tested Harry during O.W.L.S.


Rufus Scimgeour - Minister of Magic, Replaces Fudge. Looks like an Old Lion. Previously Head of Auror Office in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.

Susan Amelia Bones -
Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.

Walden Macnair -
After Voldemort's downfall, Worked for the ministry. Sent to kill Buckbeak. Executioner of Dangerous Creatures.


Williamson - An Auror. Pg. 817 Book #5.