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Harry Potter

Outside Hogwarts

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Anything to Do with Quidditch

Quidditch - Wizard sport similar to soccer, but played in the air on broomsticks. Seven players on each team; three Chasers, One Keeper, Two Beaters and one Seeker. They use three different balls - a Quaffle, red soccer sized ball; two bludger balls (black); the Golden Snitch - a tiny, winged, walnut-sized ball that the Seeker has to catch. Points are earned each time the ball goes through the hoop; the catching of the Golden Snitch signals the end of a game. And gives the team that caught the Snitch gets 150 points. 


Bludgers - Black balls that try and knock players off their brooms in Quidditch


Quidditch Plays - Wronski Defensive Feint, Dangerous Seeker Diversion, Hawkshead Attacking Formation, Porskoff Ploy. Complex plays used during Quidditch World Cup. Also there is the Sloth-grip Roll.


Chudley Cannons - Ron's Favorite Professional Quidditch Team.


Tutshill Tornados - Quidditch Team.


Broomstick Servicing Kit - A black leather case containing Fleetwood's High Finish Handle Polish, tail-twig clippers, compass, and a Do-it-Yourself Broomcare Handbook. A 13th birthday present for Harry from Hermione.


Type Of Brooms


Comet Two Sixty - An old style broom.


Cleansweep Seven - Type of broom.


Cleansweep Eleven - Type of broom Ron has.

Nimbus 2000 - Type of broomstick. Harry's first broomstick.

Nimbus 2001 - Light, Speedy broom. The whole Slythern team has these because Draco's father gave it to the team if Malfoy could be the seeker.


Firebolt - Fastest most technologically advanced broomstick. Can accelerate from 0-150 miles per hour in ten seconds. A gift from Sirius. Harry New broom.


Professional Quidditch Players


Aiden Lynch - Seeker on the Ireland Team.

Berry Ryan -
Irish Keeper.


Gwenog Jones - Caption of the Holyhead Harpies.

Joey Fenkins -
Cannons Team Beater.

Viktor Krum -
Never attended Hogwarts but came to Hogwarts with a group of people for the Tournament. He attends Durmstrang Institute. He is the Bulgarian Seeker. Competes in the Triwizard Tournament.