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Harry Potter

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February 20, 2006
Harry Potter y el misterio del principe, the sixth Spanish-language installment of the bestselling Harry Potter book series by J.K. Rowling, published in Spain by Ediciones Salamandra, will be released simultaneously for Spanish-speakers around the...
September 7, 2005
A recent perusal of the e-Bay stocks of 'signed' Harry Potter merchandise was quite alarming for the person who allegedly signed these stacks of books, posters and even, in one case, an unauthorised biography that I would never, and have never, put my signature to. As far as I could tell on the day I...
Lots of new stills From GOF:
We have added lots of new shots from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
September 2, 2005
It's that time again. Time for the latest theory for Harry Potter or, more specifically, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. In our last discussion [Rab's Identity Revealed!] we pointed out that R.A.B. was most likely Sirius's brother Regulus Black. During the second half of the discussion we moved on to who could possibly have the Locket Horcrux that Dumbledore and Harry set out for..
August 31, 2005
Disclaimer: If you have not read and finished Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, you may not wish to continue. If you are currently in the process of reading the books, then you definitely do not want to continue. However, if you just don't care or have finished the latest Potter book then feel free to read away... where is the Horcrux locket and who the heck is R.A.B.?
August 25, 2005
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August 17, 2005
It was more than satisfying for the most enthusiastic of Potter fans. Moaning Myrtle lit up the screen, she was a comedic highlight!....This film will be visually fantastic. It’s going back to the traditional feel of the first two, instead of the weirdness of the 3rd...
August 14, 2005
HARRY POTTER STAR HATES ATTRACTING ATTENTION:  HARRY POTTER star DANIEL RADCLIFFE struggles with being recognised by fans and wishes he could remain anonymous. The 16-year-old actor prefers to keep a low-profile in real-life and hates being the centre of attention.
August 13, 2005

Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire Given PG-13 Rating:

As the film's November release date gets closer and closer, we will have to see how well Warner Brothers handles the marketing for this film. The teaser trailer shows a montage of how the three main actors have grown up over the course of the films. This may be a subtle way to suggest that this film is more for the fans that have grown older with the books/films as opposed to the young fans who discover them everyday.

August 12, 2005

Westborough News - Westborough,MA,USA
... ended. I'm not into Harry Potter. I've never had any interest in the book or the movie. I had no idea what he was talking about. ...
August 11, 2005
British actor Ralph Fiennes has made it clear he isn't a fan of the first two Harry Potter films, despite his role in the next instalment of the series
"I don't think for a minute that me going around the country doing readings is going to possibly promote the book more than the children already are," he says. "I mean, it's the book, isn't it? Children don't come to hear Jim Dale. They come to hear Harry Potter."
July 11th, 2005
You say you've read all the books? Well, how much of them do you remember?
Not the character -- the brand. With the world abuzz, one expert says the brand is overexposed.
Warner Bros. likes to visit the Chicago-area theaters to test their Harry Potter films. Well, they're back again with Harry's latest, Goblet of Fire,
The Canadian publisher of the Harry Potter series has filed a court injunction barring anyone from leaking the plot of the latest book after a store accidentally sold copies ahead of the release date.
"I know who dies," Jim Dale tells CBS News correspondent Mika Brzezinski. He is the one who reads the Potter series for audiobooks....Dale says he's guarding all the secrets of book 6, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," to protect the magic for children.
A teenage Harry Potter fan who runs a massive fan site will be one of a select few able to interview the author JK Rowling, just hours after her latest book is released this Saturday. Emerson Spartz who runs will get to interview Rowling along with Melissa Anelli who, and other winners of contests.
July 10th, 2005
A teenage Harry Potter fan has won the chance to do the only interview with JK Rowling on UK television just hours after her sixth book goes on sale......
July 9th, 2005
Seattle Times:
Harry Potter is growing up, but not as fast as some of his fans. There's no denying the series' popularity, with bookstores hosting midnight...
Caitlin, Rochester, MN, Age 15,  Michael, Corona, CA, Age 12,  David, Shallowater, TX, Age 13,  Kaitlin, Springfield, MI, Age 14, Roberto, Newark, NJ, Age 10,  James, Vancouver, WA, Age 11,  Sean, Seal Beach, CA, Age 17, Julia, Palm Harbor, FL, Age 12, Kaacy, Baltimore, MD, Age 9,  Tam, Woodstown, NJ, Age 15,  Those are the 10 Essay Winners. The had to write an essay about why they "Love Reading Harry Potter" To read More Click the Title.
July 8th, 2005
SPOILER WARNING: Scholastic has released  the Back cover to the next book Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. The picture is from   If you want to see the back cover  click here! 
To learn more on the back cover click here!
New York (CNN/Money) - J.K. Rowling's Latest book, "Harry Potter and the HBP" goes on sale at the stroke of midnight, July 16th but if pre-orders are any indication, nearly everyone who wants one will already own a copy.
J.k Rowling is #1 and the book isn't even out yet!!!