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Harry Potter


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J.K. Rowling's official site


Dan Radcliff's official Site


Harry Potter Quiz, Are you obsessed? 


Harry Potter Fan Zone


Warner Brother's official Harry Potter Site


Harry Potter Fan Site Ring


This Site is really cool! You have to check it out! You can see how well you know the Harry Potter Books by taking exams. It is really fun. My scores were:
1st year = 86% right letter grade B
2nd year = 84% right letter grade B
3rd year = 90% right letter grade B
4th year = 78% right letter grade C :(
5th year = 88% right letter grade B
I did NOT use the books. You can use them but it is more fun to Not use them. But that's just my opinion. Plus it proves how much you really know the books. I haven't re-read the 4th book as many times as the others maybe that's why I did so bad on it. lol.
Then also at this site you can be sorted into a house. I was sorted into Ravenclaw. Well if you want to go to this site, click on the I'm a ravenclaw Below!!!!!!!


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