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Harry Potter


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Arabella Doreen Figg - She is a cat - loving old lady. She's a squib. Lives near Harry.

Argus Filch - He is the caretaker at Hogwarts. He's a squib, Hates kids, and has a cat named Ms.Norris.

Aunt Marge -
Uncle Vernon's Sister.

Dudley Dursley -
Harry's Cousin. Son of Petunia and Vernon. He used to bully Harry. Very Big around the waist. Looks like a Pig. A spoiled Brat. He gets everything he wants.

Frank Bryce -
Voldemort's Father, Tom, and his Grandparent's Gardener. Dies when he sees Lord Voldemort.


Herbert Chorley - Junior Minister to The Prime Minister of Muggles. Was put under the Imperius Curse. The Curse was done poorly so he walked around impersonating a duck.

Gordon - A Friend in Dudley's Gang

Malcolm - A friend in Dudley's Gang

Mark Evans - 10 year old kid Dudley and his Gang beat up.

Petunia Dursley -
Madden name is Evans. Harry's Aunt. Sister to Lily who is Harry's mum. Wife to Vernon and Mother to Dudley.

Polkiss - One of Dudley's friends

Vernon Dursley-
 Harry's Uncle. He is married to Petunia Evans, and father to Dudley.

House Elves

Dobby - He used to work for the Malfoy family. In Harry's second year he freed Dobby by tricking Lucius to give Dobby a sock. Dobby has been free since. He is now working for Dumbledore and gets pay and weekends off.

Kreacher -
Severs the Black Family and lives at Order's Headquarters

Winkey -
Used to be Elf to the Malfoy family. Was very upset when let off. Now works for Dumbledore at Hogwarts.