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Harry Potter

Spells N-Z

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Spells and Curses N-Z     A-M

Nox - Spell to extinguish light on a wand.

Obliviate - Modifies ones memory.

Obliteration Charm - Will leave no trace behind. 

Patronus Charm - A positive force which acts as protection from a Dementor. It is conjured up by the incantation expecto patronum and brings forth a guardian that acts as a shield between a Wizard and a Dementor.

Petrificus Totalus - A spell that binds the arms and legs together and turns the entire body of the victim rigid.

Portus - Creates a portkey.

Prior Incantato - A way to discover the last spell a wand has performed.

Protean Charm - Causes something to mimic something else. Very Difficult to do. N.E.W.T. Standard.

Protego - A shield charm used to deflect curses.

Quietus - The spell Bagman uses at the Quidditch World cup to lower his voice.

Reductor Curse - Blasts solid objects out of the way.

Reparo - A spell used to repair something that is broken.

Rictusempra - Tickling charm.

Riddikulus - Turns Boggarts into humorous looking creatures.

Scourgify - A household spell for cleaning up a mess.

Serpentortia - A spell used to summon a snake which will attack your opponent.

Shield Charm - Erects a temporary invisible wall around someone to deflect minor curses.

Sonorous - A spell that makes a voice very loud without the use of a microphone.

Stealth Sensoring Spells - Placed by Professor Umbridge in her office to prevent uninvited visitors

Stinging Charm - Produces a welt on the skin, like a scorch mark.

Stretching Jinx - Makes you grow, stretches you out.

Stunning Charm - Causes people to freeze for a few minutes.

Summoning Charm - Makes objects fly to the summoner. The command is Accio!

Tarantallegra - Leg jerking, quickstepping charm.

Trip Jinx - Grabs people by the ankles and causes them to fall.

Unforgivable Curses, The - Avada Kedavra, Imperius and Cruciatus. The use of any of these curses on a "fellow human being is enough to earn a life sentence in Azkaban."

Wingardium Leviosa - Magic incantation to get an object to fly.