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Harry Potter

Other Tidbits

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Other Tidbits

Age Line, The - A line drawn by Dumbledore around the Goblet of Fire to ensure that younger students were not able to participate.

Alchemy - Medieval science that was founded on the search to turn metal into gold.

Auto-Answering Quills - Cheating decice banned from the examination hall during O.W.L.s.

Axminster - A type of flying carpet that seats 12.

Balaclava - A kind of heavy, very warm coat.

Baruffio's Brain Elixer - Gives the brain a boost. Used to improve O.W.L. test scores.

Bezoar - Stone taken from the stomach of a goat. Will counteract most poisons.

Blibbering Humdinger - Luna believes they exist.

Bubbadox Powder - Causes boils.

Cobbing - Excessive use of elbows. If used  a penalty in Quidditch.

Crumple - Horned Snorkack - Luna believes they exist.

Daily Prophet - The Wizard newspaper.

Dark Detector - A secrecy sensor used by Moody, that vibrates when it detects concealment and lies. Dark Detectors include Sneakoscopes and Foe-Glasses.

Dark Mark - A colossal skull, comprised of emerald stars, with the serpent protruding from its mouth like a tongue. You-Know-Who's sign that was spotted in the sky during the Quidditch Cup.

Deathday Party - A celebration held by Nearly Headless Nick, to commemorate the day he died, to which Harry and his friends are invited.

Defensive Magical Theory - A book by Wilbert Slinkhard.

Dementor's Kiss - What Dementors use when they want to utterly destroy someone; they clamp their jaws upon the mouth of their victim, and suck out their soul. The victim is left with no sense of self, no memory; they become empty shells. This was to be performed on Sirius Black, as ordered by the Ministry of Magic.

Detachable Cribbing Cuff - Useful tool for cheating on O.W.L.s.

Devil's Snare - A plant with strong, snake-like tendrils that likes the dark and damp, and is weakened by light and warmth.  A plant that can kill whoever touches it.

Doing a Weasley - Jumping on a broom and departing Hogwarts forever.

Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus - The Hogwarts motto: Never tickle a sleeping dragon.

Dr. Ubbly's Oblivious Unction - Used to get rid of bad thoughts that can scar the brain. pg. 847 book #5.

Dragon Skin Gloves - Worn by Hogwarts students as a protection from the extreme cold.

The Dream Oracle - A book on dream interpretation by Inigo Imago.

Evening Prophet - Wizarding newspaper.

Exams - O.W.L.s, Ordinary Wizardry Levels; N.E.W.T.s,

Extendable Ears - Thin flesh-colored pieces of string invented by Fred & George Weasley used to acquire secret information

Feigning Illness Aids - Puking Pastilles; Nosebleed Nouguts; Fainting Fancies. Invented by George and Fred Weasley. Used as a means to get out of a class.

Flagrate - Imprints a fiery red cross to differentiate one place from another.

Floo Powder - A glittery powder used to help witches travel from one place to another. Throw it into the fire, say the name of your destination, and step into the flames.

Foe-Glass - Moody uses this to keep an eye on his enemies.

Ford Anglia - The make of Mr. Weasley's enchanted car.

Fountain of Magical Brethren - Located in the Ministry of Magic. Consisted of a House elf, A Centaur, A wixard, Witch, and a goblin.

Ginger Newt - A biscuit.

Goblet of Fire - A large rough-hewn wooden cup, filled to the brim with dancing blue-white flames into which aspiring champions can drop their names, if they want to participate in the Triwizard Tournament. The goblet will return the names of three deemed most worthy to represent their schools. Placed on the stool that normally held the Sorting Hat. 

Gobstones - A wizarding game like marbles, in which the stones squirt a nasty-smelling liquid into the other player's face when they lose a point.

Grades - O for outstanding, E for Exceeds Expectations, A for Acceptable, P for Poor, D for Dreadful, and the T for Troll.

Gregory the Smarmy - Statue at Hogwarts.

Gubraithian Fire - A branch of everlasting fire. Hagrid gave this gift of magic Gift # 1) to the giant chief. 

Hogwart Banners - Red with gold lion - Gryffindor; blue with bronze eagle - Ravenclaw; yellow with black badger - Hufflepuff; green with silver serpent - Slythern.

Hogwarts Coat of Arms - lion, eagle, badger, and snake united around a large letter "H."

Hogwarts, The History of - A book in the Hogwarts library about Hogwarts.

Hourglasses, Giant - Record House points; set in niches along the wall.

House-Elf Liberation Front - A name that Ron made up for a group that supports improved rights for house-elves.

Legilimency - The ability to extract feelings and memories from another person's mind. (The Dark Lord is very skilled at this). Eye contact is often essential, although with Harry and Voldemort this does not seem to be a hindrance.

Lines - A writing punishment for bad behavior.

Magic Wand, Harry's - A very rare and unique wand containing a phoenix feather from Fawkes, Dumbledore's phoenix.

The Marauder's Map - Shows every detail of the Hogwart's castle and its grounds, as well as the location of every living thing at Hogwarts. To get the map to work, one has to say "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good." When you are through, touch the wand lightly and say, "Mischief managed," and the map will then go blank.

Mermish - The language of the merpeople.

Metamorphmagus - They are very rare, born, not made; can change appearance at will.

Mimbulus Mimbletonia - Very rare, small species of cactus that pulsates slightly, with boils instead of spines; resembles a diseased organ; when poked, a thick green liquid that smells like rancid manure, squirts from every boil. Neville got one for his birthday.

Mirror of Erised - Enables one to see what they most want to see - "The most desperate desire of my heart." Erised is desire spelled backward. (For Harry, it is his dead parents.)

Monster Book of Monsters - Large green book of monsters. Required reading for third years. Must be stroked down the spine or it will bite your fingers.

Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests - (N.E.W.T) Highest qualification Hogwart's offers.

O.W.L.'s - Ordinary Wizarding Levels. The standard-level examinations at Hogwarts; given to fifth year students.

Parselmouth - One who can talk to snakes. 

Parseltongue - A language spoken by a Parselmouth.

Patronus - An anti-Dementor, a guardian that acts as a shield between you and a Dementor. A "positive force, a projection of the very things that the Dementor feeds upon - hope, happiness, the desire to survive - but it cannot feel despair, as real humans can, so the Dementor's can't hurt it." Each patronus is unique to the wizard who conjures it. To conjure a patronus "you have to concentrate with all your might, on a single, very happy memory."

Phoenix Song - A sound of hope that Harry hears when his situation seems very bleak.

Pocket Sneakoscope - Lights up and spins if someone untrustworthy is around.

Portkey - Used to transport wizards from one spot to another at a prearranged time.

Protego - A shield charm; causes a charm or spell to reverse back to the one trying to use it.

Prophecies - Small glass orbs, housed in the Department of Mysteries - only the people to whom they refer, can lift them from the shelves without suffering madness. 

Put-Outer - A device, owned by Albus Dumbledore that resembles a cigarette lighter, used to turn street-lamps on and off by removing and replacing the "balls of light" from the street lamps.

Quibbler, The - A wizarding tabloid style magazine published by Luna Lovegood's father.

Quick-Quotes Quill - An automatic writing instrument that needs no hand to guide it. Used by Rita Seeker, a reporter on The Daily Prophet

Omnioculars - Binoculars that can replay action. They slow everything down, and do play-by-play; covered with weird knobs and dials.

Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery - Harry violates this decree and receives an Owl from the Improper Use of Magic Office that states that he is expelled from Hogwarts.

Remembrall - A glass ball the size of a large marble which is filled with white smoke. The smoke turns red to tell you that there is something you forgot to do. Useful tool for cheating on O.W.L.s

Self -correcting Ink - Useful tool for cheating on O.W.L.s

Self-shuffling playing cards - Wizarding playing cards which shuffle themselves.

Sickle - Silver wizarding money.

Skiving Snackboxes - What Fred and George are making.

Sorcerer's Stone/ Philosopher's Stone- Legendary stone more than 600 years old, which will transform any metal into pure gold. It also produces The Elixir of Life, which makes the drinker immortal. The only known stone belongs to Nicholas Flamel, Albus Dumbledore's partner.

Sorting Hat - A patched frayed, dirty, pointed wizard's hat used to determine which house a Hogwart's student will be in. When not in use the hat sits on a four-legged stool.

Spattergroit - A grievous affliction of the skin that leaves one pock-marked.

Spellotape - Wizarding repair tape. It was used by Ron Weasley to mend his broken wand.

S.P.E.W. - Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare. A movement begun by Hermione to improve the lives of House-elves.

Splinched - To leave half of yourself behind when apparating.

Statute of Secrecy - (vol. 5, p. 21)

Time-turner - Hourglass necklace that Hermione wears to take her back in time, in order to rescue Sirius Black.

Tornado Badge - Sky-blue and gold worn by Cho in support of a winning Quidditch team.  

Transfiguration Today - Wizarding magazine about transfiguration.

Two-way Mirror - A device used by James and Sirius for communication, that Sirius gives to Harry. (vol. 5, p. 857-858)

Vault 713 - The place in Gringotts Bank that the Sorcerer's Stone was hidden until it was taken from there by Rubeus Hagrid.

Venomous Tentacula Seeds - What Dung gets George and Fred for their Skiving Snackboxes. They are a Class C Non-Tradeable Substance.

Wand - Implement used by wizards for magic. Available from Ollivanders in Diagon Alley.

Wartcap Powder - Turns skin crusty and brown.

The Weasley Clock - A special device that doesn't tell  the time but the location and condition of the Weasley family members.

Which Broomstick? - Broomstick consumer magazine. Test-rides all makes of brooms and reviews them.

Whomping Willow - A large, very violent tree in the Forbidden Forest, on the grounds of Hogwarts, that hits anything that comes too close to it.

Wizengamot - Wizarding high court that interprets wizarding law. After Dumbledore is asked to leave the court, the body begins to hold "full criminal trials to deal with a simple matter of underage magic."

Wizengamot Charter of Rights. - (vol. 5, pp. 142 -143)

Wizard Money - Galleon (gold), Sickle (silver) Knut and Lapin (bronze).

Yule Ball - A special celebration and an opportunity for Hogwarts students to socialize during the Triwizard Tournament. Harry has to bring a date.